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Hello all
Hi everyone, im adey or adeyspec as most of my online profiles. I run another forum called turborenault.co.uk but have been pointed in your direction for info help and tips on the DCI. Ive had plenty of old school and new school renaults and recently got a mk3 dci as a cheap run around. I commute 52 miles a day (when not on lockdown) so thought it would be a bargain to buy run and keep going. It was purchased from a friend for next to nowt with an issue with a snapped egr to manifold bolt. lots of swearing later i re-drilled it and found a hole in the coregated pipe. Ive ended up blanking it off for now. I will get a thread up when i get time but theres not much to see, it was bought to run on fresh air and buttons (y) 

[Image: 20200412-100421.jpg]

[Image: 20200412-135226.jpg]

[Image: 20200422-120040-0.jpg] 

the only other diesel renault was a 1.9dti laguna a fair few years back. I will probably end up doing some subtle upgrades if cheap, cruise would be nice? I spend most of my tinkering time playing with older renaults so dont want to have to be on this if i can help it.

 [Image: 91875161-10157030805556500-1236590572794281984-o.jpg]

[Image: 91709972-10157031316466500-9195520148897792000-o.jpg]

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